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  • OS: Windows Vista+ (Windows XP+ for v1.0.1) / Linux
  • HiDPI support: ✔ (not per-monitor aware)
  • Languages: English, 简体中文, 日本語
  • Initial release: v0.1-beta (2014.4)


Q: Why it looks like note taking app or a mail client rather than diary app?

Because I used to use note taking app (CintaNotes) to keep diary and think it's more convenient to read old diaries using a list (than choosing a date in calendar).

Q: Why there are so many apps with paper plane icon?

It's from a mouse cursor of a game. I didn't know telegram, shadowsocks...

Q: Where the name "Hazama" comes from?

A song called "Innocence" by Miku Hatsune: "ヴァーチャルと現実の狭間で…"