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Getting started with Turtlecoin

Make sure you have walletd and TurtleCoind running on the default ports and the blockexplorer enabled. Install dependencies with pip install -r requirements.txt

Getting started with something else

This bot is currently very close to being generic enough to work out of the box with any cryptonote coin. As of now a few changes will be necessary however.

  1. Follow steps in previous section
  2. Don't use the TrtlServer() class when connecting to the rpc. Just call Server("your_rpc_url") instead.
  3. Make sure all the rpc calls are the same and send the same arguments. The spec is here
  4. Price isn't going to work unless you modify the json references. Check your api spec!
  5. The faucet command requires a very specific faucet right now. Set up this first.

Setting up config

Create a new file called config.json with the same structure as config.json.example.

Fill in the values with your information and you'll be ready to roll!

Running the bot