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I wrote a GeoIP plugin. It uses the GeoIP python library from maxmind

So you have to install that.

then: !geoip will spit out city, region_name, country_name

I have it on github:

PS. There is a python only geoip library that I'm pretty sure I could get to work if installing the Maxmind one is not an option.

======== How to Install ============

  1. install Maxmind's GeoIP stuff. Both the C library and the python bindings. (some linuxes prob. have packages for them.)

  2. Get the free City data file: gunzip it and put it somewhere. Mine is at /usr/share/GeoIP/

  3. Put the full path to the above file into plugin_geoip.xml

  4. Put in your extplugins folder.

  5. Put plugin_geoip.xml into the extplugins/conf folder.

  6. Add to your b3.xml (modify according to where you put it on your system.)