C++ OpenGL video game, using graphics from Doom with a procedurally generated terrain (which I intended to look like Snowdonia, as a hat-tip to Bangor University being around the corner). All binary and visual project files included (if you want to get off the ground quickly with compilation etc).
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##About## This was a video game I wrote in 2011 while studying Computer Science at Bangor University. It was part of my Advanced Computer Graphics module, and I quite enjoyed playing it, so I decided to open source it. In a nut-shell, it's a 3D world with some dumb AI enemies. I added some basic sound effects, and applied some cool graphics algorithms (diamond sqaure etc) for visual effects.

The code looks pretty clean, but it was written in Visual Studio on an old Windows box I used to own, so my first commits we're somewhat oddly formatted (tabs + spaces) or perhaps in University I didn't care much about that... I can't really remember.

I've since pushed it through clang-format (which is a C formatter, but I've grown used to this format for C/C++). There's not many comments however structurally the game should be easy to understand.

The majority of the game is completely platform independent, however my tutors machine was Windows, so I had to target Windows. It also worked on my Mac, but I can't compile it right now, and unless somebody asks I am not going to bother adding support for Mac/Linux.

I began looking at adding networking annealing of locations, so there might be some references to SFML. I didn't get around to this at University. If there is, you'll probably want to remove that as I recall SFML being a real pain.

The game got me top marks. Feel free to use it for inspiration.

#Stuff I wrote in 2011# Navigate to: build/vc++ and open the vc++.sln file (which will load Visual Studio). I have been using Visual Studio Ultimate for this. The XCode version is experimental and designed to be used with a different branch.

Click build. If you have opengl32.lib or glu32.lib errors, then they'll need to be placed into the respective Microsoft SDKs directory (should be under OS:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\vX.X). They should come with Visual Studio, however.

If you have freetype / glew linker errors:

Navigate to: build/extlibs/win/freetype-x.x.x/builds/win32/vc2008 and build the solution (freetype.sln) build/extlibs/win/glew-x.x.x/build/vc6 and build the solution (glew.dsw) SFML is not requred for the demo

The poseidon solution builds an installer for the game, and is only there for ease of use (so I could distribute the game for testing etc).