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Wordpress plugin that will help optimize Wordpress and Oxygen builder
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Oxygens Swiss Knife

WordPress plugin for Oxygen builder that will help you optimize WordPress and speed up your workflow.

I firstly created this plugin based on my personal needs.

##What Plugin can do for now

  1. Clean up WordPress header from

    • WP Emoji
    • Feed Links
    • WP Generator
    • Rest API
    • oEmbed Discovery Links
    • DNS Prefetch
  2. Enqueue most common scripts that I use

    • jQuery instead of WP core
    • Green Sock
    • Scroll Magic
    • Parallax Scrolling
    • Smooth Scrolling
    • TreeJS
  3. Enable upload file support for

    • SVG
    • TTF (Soon)


  • Enable SVG Upload
  • Enable TTF Upload
  • Include Anime.js
  • Split Sections into Tabs Scripts are downloaded true Bower and included in plugin folder or you can replace them with CDN.

Note: Scripts are enqueued only if you activate checkbox

Settings location

After you install plugin you can find plugin setting under Settings > Swiss Knife

Would like help with and to put them under same roof:

Project Screenshoots

alt text

If this plugin saves you time and help you earn some money do a decent thing and buy me a coffee <3

Buy me a beer

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