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SPA built with React/Redux & Rails/Postgres to view and track new U.S. laws
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Often times, especially in this political climate, it's easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of information flowing into our news feeds.

Infome's mission is to make give American's more transparency into the law creation process.

Firstly it's important to review how a bill becomes a law, in order to understand the information you're viewing when you access Infome's tools.

Tech Stack


(front-end folder structure following Ducks methodology for redux)


  • Ruby on Rails
  • PostgreSQL
  • Hosted on: HEROKU

My API location

Data for this app provided by the following API

How does a bill become a law?

  1. Idea!
  2. Introduced into Congress OR House of representatives
  3. Bill goes to representative or senators who meet and vote to accept or reject the bill before sending it to
    1. House or Senate floor for debate
    2. Subcommittee for further research
  4. Congress debates and votes
    1. House OR Senate memebers propose changes or amendments
  5. If majority vote for the bill, it moves to the other house,
    1. it then goes through a similar process of commitee/ debate / vote
  6. BOTH houses have to agree on the final version of the bill before it goes to the President.
    1. House of Reps has an electronic voting system
    2. Senate votes by voice, saying yay or nay.
  7. The President can vote to approve or pass. The President can also...
    1. Veto
    2. Choose No Action - if nothing done in 10 days, bill becomes law
    3. Pocket Veto - congress adjourns within 10 days after giving president bill, then president can choose not to sign it, and it doesn't become law.

Information above thanks to,

What does this single page application allow you to do?

  • Search all bills that are newly introduced
  • Save them to your profile

Roadmap Features

  • Share with friends
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