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PHP implementation of the Mobile Authenticator
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Implementation of the Mobile Authenticator in PHP.


You can either request a new serial, generate codes from an existing one, or use your restore code to obtain your secret key.

Request New Serial

You must call the script with the desired region passed in parameter :

php php-bma.php new EU

Valid region are EU or US

Before starting to give you a code, the program will print the new serial and secret kez on screen. Write them down and register your Authenticator with

Generate Codes From An Existing Serial

Just pass your serial and secret key on the command line :

php php-bma.php generate serial secret_key

Use A Restore Code To Obtain A Secret Key

Just pass your serial and restore code on the command line :

php php-bma.php restore serial restore_code

Who use it ?

I'm using this on a little project of mine, an Online Authenticator for Battle.Net. It is actually in Beta, but I'm planning on launching it soon.


  • Sanitize inputs
  • Unit tests
  • Provide the possiblity to save Serial and Secret key to file and / or database
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