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This repository contains the scripts I wrote to help me write a book about functional programming in PHP that was commandited by Packt Publishing. The result of my work was published in February 2017.

The book starts with a gentle introduction to functional programming and presents the related concepts in PHP. More advanced topics like function composition, functors, applicative, and monads are also discussed. Functional programming is also presented through the lense of performance and testing. You can find more information on the dedicated webpage: Functional PHP.

If you want more information about the writing process itself, you can have a look at the blog post I wrote: Writing a book: Functional PHP.


Those scripts are published as is. It worked fine for me with my particular setup, but there is no guarantee that you will be able to use it without doing some adaptations first.

As the scripts were not written with reusability in mind, they rely on a list of assumptions, for example about the directory structure. Currently, they are also written for a book about PHP in mind, but it should be possible to adapt them for any language.


You can either add the repository as a submodule of your own project if you are using git, or simply download the repository and add it to your book folder.

Once you have the content of the repository, you need to either copy or make a symlink of the Makefile and watch files from the rst2packt directory to the root folder.

Directory structure

The scripts expect the following directory structure:

<project root>
|-- rst2packt
|-- src
|   +-- vendor
|-- assets
|-- dist
+-- .builds
    |-- assets
    |-- outputs
    +-- src
  • The root contains the rst files, the Makefile, and the watch script
  • rst2packt contains the content of this repository
  • src contains the source code for the book
  • src/vendor contains packages installed via composer
  • assets contains the various media for the book
  • dist contains the generated odt and zip files
  • .builds and its children contain build artifacts

It is possible to use a different structure, but the Makefile and some of the other scripts will need to be adapted.


rst2packt uses a Makefile to do most of its work. Here is a list of the possible targets:

  • html creates a document.html file in the dist directory with all the book content.
  • pdf creates a document.pdf file in the dist directory with all the book content.
  • odt creates a separate .odt file for each chapter in the dist directory.
  • zip creates a zip archive for each chapter containing the .odt file, the assets, and the source code in the dist directory.
  • lint run php in linting mode on all files in the src directory
  • output try to compute the output of the source files for each line and add it as a comment inside the file itself. This only partially work and was finally not used.
  • clean delte everything in the .builds and dist directories.

To execute a target, simply run make <target>, for example make zip to create an archive of all chapters in the dist directory. If you run make without any target, it will create the HTML file.

There is also a watch script that you can run. It will watch for any changes in the project. If a change is detected, it will recreate the HTML file. It also launches browser-sync so that your browser can automatically be updated with the latest content.

Issues and contributions

If you find any issues, I urge you to use the bugtracker. Since my book is now published, I make no promise to fix those for you, but I will try my best. Pull requests are also welcome.


Scripts is used to write my book about Functional Programming in PHP







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