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RPG Maker MV Plugins
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RPG Maker MV Plugins

This is a collection of RPG Maker MV Plugins to add various features to your game. All of the plugins are free for commercial and non-commercial use, licensed under the MIT License. You do not need to give any sort of credit to use these plugins in your game.

The following plugins are available in this repo:

Variable Text

Replaces text in your game with a value defined in a JSON file. This allows you to set names of towns, people, etc. in one place and re-use the variable everywhere.

Clear Map Photos

Automatically clears all previously loaded photos whenever a map is loaded. This makes it easier to have parallax photos on your maps as they'll automatically be cleaned up.

Airship Events

By default, RPG Maker MV doesn't allow airships to interact with events. This plugin removes that limitation, allowing airships to land in towns, etc.

Vehicle Insides

This plugin allows authors to easily create maps for the insides of vehicles, like the Big Whale in Final Fantasy IV or the airships in Final Fantasy VI. The player will automatically be transported to the map upon entering the vehicle.

Multi-tile Events

This plugin allows for events that are bigger than one tiles, by expanding the collision box via notes. This works nicely for larger sprites (like giant monsters) that can still wander around like normal events. Requires Kru Core.

Map Merge

Allows authors to merge maps together, replacing a section of a map with a new map based on a given set of conditions. This is useful for dynamic events where a part of the map changes dramatically - e.g., a building is destroyed or lots of new characters appear.

Kru Core

Core library for many of the other plugins so as to not repeatedly re-implement the same base functionality. The major features currently in this are streamlined window APIs, line drawing tools, and note tag parsers.

Party Window

Shows more characters in the status window based on Max Battle Members setting in Yanfly's Party System. Requires Yanfly Party System.


A system for keeping track of the reputation of your party across multiple groups or factions. Allows you to have named values for different reputation values (e.g. "Known", "Famous", etc.). Works with builtin variables for ease of use. Also allows discounts at shops based on your reputation. You can even have special graphics for each group or faction. Requires Kru Core. documentation | demo

Game Seed

Creates a custom "seed" number that can be used to create pseudo-random events that persist across the length of a game. E.g., one of several paths is blocked by debris, but the path changes each game. documentation | demo

Skill Tree

work in progress

Adds Skill Points (optionally awarded on level up) that can be used to purchase skills. Skills can also have multiple levels. Requires Kru Core.

Assign Stats

work in progress

Adds Stat Points (optionally awarded on level up) that can be used to improve attributes (Attack, Defense, Luck, etc.). Traditional class-based level up stat points can also be disabled entirely. Requires Kru Core.

Class Change

work in progress

Automatically triggers class change when certain conditions are met. Currently only checks on level up or when assinging stats with the Assign Stats plugin. Requires Kru Core.


This plugin makes it easier to deploy multiple games on a single webserver, by allowing each instance to share the core game assets. It also allows you to specify a custom html container element for the game to load in, so that you can create a wrapper frame around the game. demo

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