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compiler for the krug programming language
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This repository is the compiler for Krug: Caasper. Most of the actual compilation work is done here, the frontends job is simply to communicate with Caasper.

You will need both the krug frontend, and an instance of Caasper running locally - or on the cloud somewhere - for you to compile krug programs.

how it works

The compilers stages are cut into routes of a HTTP server. The server runs locally on port 8080. The 'driver' for krug will send requests to the server: lex this file, parse these tokens, etc.

There is latency involved here due to having to send packets back and forth, however the point here is not speed in compilation.

Hopefully this means that tooling is quite easy to achieve. For example a text-editor could send over source files to lexically analyze via. the exposed API.


The language itself is not so much the focus of this project. You can see some code examples in the tests directory.

For a brief overview, Krug is:

  • compiled (to C language - eventually LLVM);
  • statically typed;
  • optional? garbage collection;
  • has no generics;
  • includes simple type-inference;

It's based loosely on Rust, Go, and C.


  • compiles to c (c99)
  • uses stdbool, stdio, stdint and stdlib for now.
  • compiled into one big c file, compiling into different c files is planned for some kind of conditional compilation
  • garbage collection is currently unimplemented
  • no generics are planned as this is out of the scope for now
  • virtual machine backend is a possibility
  • perhaps some rust like ownership memory model will be looked into


  • api route for name mangling
  • api route for stripping comments out of the source files
  • minification needs to be specified in the c code gen route.
  • compression on the generated c code (Gzip), this will be done when there are test files that are big enough to measure performance.
  • syntax for destructuring structures let { a, b, c } = some_struct;
  • module system


MIT, see the LICENSE for more information.

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