Small utility to convert pair of depth\rgb PNG files into pointcloud's PCD files
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png2pcd_batch - simple command line utility to convert depth and rgb frames from png format to PCL pointcloud.

There are 2 execution mode: using file with association information i.e. containing rgb-depth png files correspondence or just providing folders that contain depth and rgb frames ( not reccommended ).

In 1st case you should anyhow create associate file by yourself (for further details check description of parse_freiburg function) In 2nd case - correspondence strictly depends on file names, and you should check it twice, to avoid situation when selected depth frame is not appropriate for rgb frame. ( add sorting to filenames vector using custom predicate )

All dataset related parameters are incapsulated in Intr structure ( intrinsics ). There are: width, height, fx, fy, cx, cy, scale_factor. Usually depth data is saved as unsigned short ( 16 bit ), but in pcl::PointXYZ you have to re-scale it to float - metric measurment.

Appropriate intrinsics should be written to file cam_params.cfg otherwise default values will be used ( which may lead to invalid output data ).

There are exist two opportunity for compiling:

using classical make: edit WORK_DIR in Makefile to point in directory contained pcl-trunk & opencv make it produce more lightweighted version by avoiding linkage with unnecessary libraries

or using cmake:

mkdir build; cd build cmake .. make

NOTE 1: There are only two dependencies: PCL and OpenCV.

NOTE 2: in case of builded-but-not-properly-installed OpenCV libraries you have to manually create symlink to ipp lib: sudo ln -s /path-to-opencv/3rdparty/ippicv/unpack/ippicv_lnx/lib/intel64/libippicv.a /usr/lib/libippicv.a