Calabash-RubyMotion Sample from Inspect2013 conference
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Calabash-RubyMotion Sample from Inspect2013 conference

To try

git submodule update --init
cp -R features RubyMotionSamples/Beers
cd RubyMotionSamples/Beers/
gem install motion-calabash

Edit Rakefile and add the line require 'motion-calabash' below require 'motion/project':

require 'motion/project'
require 'motion-calabash'


rake build

Run test

rake calabash:run

(make sure the iOS Simulator isn't hidden behind some other window).

To run on a USB-connected device, make sure the device is enabled for development, and you have an appropriate provisioning profile. For example, I have

Motion::Project::App.setup do |app| = 'Beers'
  app.frameworks += ['CoreLocation', 'MapKit', 'AddressBook']
  app.codesign_certificate = "iPhone Developer: Karl Krukow (6GF49ATP5N)"
  app.deployment_target = "5.0"

Then run

rake calabash:run device

Be sure to check out the documentation for motion-calabash.