SocketCAN driver for UAB "8 devices" USB2CAN interface
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CAN driver for UAB "8 devices" USB2CAN converter


The "8 devices" USB2CAN converter is supported by mainline linux since version 3.9. THIS SOFTWARE COMES WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY!


GPL v2

How to build

  • Make sure you have kernel version >= 2.6.33 installed
  • For pre-3.3 kernels, check out the pre-3.3 branch
  • Install kernel header files and gcc
  • Simple type "make"

DKMS integration

  • Install the dkms package for your distro
  • Check out the required branch from this repository
  • Do a git archive --prefix=usb2can-1.0/ -o /usr/src/usb2can-1.0.tar HEAD
  • Extract the archive in the /usr/src directory
  • Add the module, e.g. with dkms add -m usb2can -v 1.0 --verbose
  • Build the module, e.g. with dkms build -m usb2can -v 1.0 --verbose
  • Install the module, e.g. with dkms install -m usb2can -v 1.0 --verbose
  • You can also build packages for your distro, see man dkms

Set up interface

modprobe can_raw
modprobe can_dev
insmod usb_8dev.ko
ip link set can0 up type can bitrate 1000000 sample-point 0.875

Shut down interface

ip link set can0 down
rmmod usb_8dev