Wraps minijasminenode to allow globbing from options and the CLI.
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A simple wrapper around minijasminenode2.

  • used to allow globs from the CLI or within the config
  • includes a utility to easily generate code coverage using istanbul


npm install minijasminenodewrap --save-dev


Minijasminenodewrap looks for a jasmine-config.js file within the current working directory. The jasmine-config.js file should return an object of options matching the ones provided to miniJasmineLib.executeSpecs().

module.exports = {
    // An array of filename globs, relative to current dir.
    specs: ['spec/**/*.js'],
    // A function to call on completion.
    // function(passed)
    onComplete: function(passed) { console.log('done!'); },
    // If true, display suite and spec names.
    isVerbose: false,
    // If true, print colors to the terminal.
    showColors: true,
    // If true, include stack traces in failures.
    includeStackTrace: true,
    // Time to wait in milliseconds before a test automatically fails
    defaultTimeoutInterval: 5000

minijasminenodewrap allows options.specs to be an array of globs instead of just file paths. The globs will be expanded before running the tests.

You can also invoke minjjasminenodewrap with arguments representing spec globs. If you do this, the globs will replace anything currently listed in options.specs

  $ ./node_modules/.bin/minijasminenodewrap 'spec/**/*.js' 'more/specs/**/*.js'

Code Coverage

In addition to wrapping jasmine, this module wraps istanbul and allows you to easily generate code coverage for your project.

  $ ./node_modules/.bin/cover

JUnit Reports

Producing JUnit reports is simple. Simply make sure you pass the --reportType=junit argument. Example:

./node_modules/minijasminenodewrap/bin/mjnw --reportType=junit --savePath=$HOME/test_reports --filePrefix=junit-results.xml