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Icons example file

This plugin keeps track of your party's reputation with various groups or factions. It also allows for discount prices in shops based on your reputation.


This plugin uses the built-in variables system to keep track of each faction's reputation. To create a new faction, add a new variable with a name beginning with KruRep: followed by the name of the faction. For example, in the screenshot above, there are variables named KruRep:Red Hand, KruRep:Blue Sword, and so on.

Menu Name

The name of the menu item to look at your faction status.

Default Factions

Reputation Levels

A comma-separated list of names:value pairs for different reputation levels at different values.

Default Despised:-100, Hated:-50, Unknown:0, Familiar:50, Known:100

Show Unknown Factions

Toggle whether to show factions that haven't been discovered yet on the Factions screen.

Default Yes

Using custom faction images

To add your own custom icons for each faction, first create an image with tiles for each faction. The icons must all be the same size, and each must be square - but they can be any size you would like. The default is 16x16.

Once you have created your faction icons file, move it to the img/system/ directory. Here is my test image:

Icons example file

Next, after installing the plugin, click on the plugin name in RPG Maker MV's plugin manager to bring up the configuration page. Click on the Icons element and then choose the location of your faction icons file. You should also set the icon size if you're not using the default. In this example, my icons are 64x64, so I set 64 for my Icon Size.

General Configuration

By default, the icons will be used in the same order as the factions appear in your variables list. E.g., the first KruRep: Name entry will get the top-left icon (#0), the next will be the one next to that, and so on. To customize which faction gets which icon, click on Custom Icons in the configuration, then click the line that's highlighted (probably with a 1 next to it).

Custom Icons Configuration

Then, use the interface to pick the variable associated with the faction you wish to customize, and then choose the index of the icon, again counting from left to right, top to bottom in your faction icons file. Click OK to save, and it should add a line to the list something like:

{"Faction": "5", "Icon": "1"}

The final result should look like this:

Custom Icons Configuration


You can give discounts at shops by running this script before 'Shop Processing'.

To use a percentage:

KruFactionDiscountPrice('Faction Name', 'Known', '-10%');

For a flat discount amount:

KruFactionDiscountPrice('Faction Name', 'Known', -20);

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