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Repo for resources in our benchmarking project of Couchbase and MongoDB
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Repo for resources in our benchmarking project of Couchbase and MongoDB



  1. Install Virtualbox:

  2. Install Vagrant:

  3. Install necessary Vagrant plugins:

    vagrant plugin install vagrant-hostmanager
    vagrant plugin install vagrant-cachier
  4. Install Ansible

    brew install ansible

Getting Started

Once you hve the project pulled down you can bootup a Couchbase or MongoDB cluster with just a couple of commands, then run a sample workload with just a couple more. NOTE: We are using the vagrant-cachier plugin to cache packages where we can, but they will still all have to be downloaded the first time you initialize a cluster, so it could take awhile.

Start a cluster for Couchbase:

cd couchbase-mongodb-benchmark/couchbase-cluster

For MongoDB:

cd couchbase-mongodb-benchmark/mongodb-cluster

To run a workload using YCSB you have to initilize the YCSB submodule, then build the YCSB project.

git submodule init
git submodule update
mvn clean package

Run a sample workload for Couchbase:

cd couchbase-mongodb-benchmark/couchbase-cluster/workloads/workloada

For MongoDB:

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