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ConnectBot is the first SSH client for Android.
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Merge pull request #283 from kruton/upgrade-checkstyle

Update checkstyle and fix violations
latest commit 02447d0586
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.idea Change "continuation indent" tab to only 4 spaces.
app Merge pull request #283 from kruton/upgrade-checkstyle
config Update checkstyle and fix violations
gradle/wrapper Update to latest build system
icons Move new scaled icons out of res/ because they're not allowed in there
scripts trap ERR & EXIT
.gitattributes Add .gitattributes
.gitignore Remove some obsolete paths
.linthub.yml Add initial linthub config
.project Get tests working again
.travis.yml Make sure we clean after the coverity run Update changelog.
LICENSE Change license for contributed works to APL 2.0 Change README file to Markdown format
build.gradle Re-organize gradle files to make them more readable
connectbot.iml Update to targetSdkVersion 23 Revert "Update version of JaCoCo used"
gradlew Convert to gradle build system
settings.gradle Update to Robolectric 3.0

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If you'd like to see ConnectBot translated into your language and you're willing to help, then head on over to


To compile ConnectBot using gradlew, you must first specify where your Android SDK and NDK are via the file. Insert a line similar to the following with the full path to your SDK:

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