ConnectBot is the first SSH client for Android.
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.idea Update to new gradle alpha Jun 9, 2016
app Update support lib to 25.3.0 Mar 17, 2017
config Switch to JacocoEverywhere instead of custom gradle Mar 3, 2017
gradle/wrapper Upgrade to Gradle 3.3 Mar 7, 2017
icons Move new scaled icons out of res/ because they're not allowed in there Mar 26, 2015
.gitattributes Add .gitattributes Apr 12, 2013
.gitignore Use new NDK build support Mar 6, 2017
.linthub.yml Add initial linthub config Sep 11, 2015
.project Get tests working again Aug 15, 2011
.travis.yml Update SDK hases for Travis-CI build Oct 17, 2017 Release 1.9.0-alpha1 Nov 23, 2015
LICENSE Change license for contributed works to APL 2.0 Feb 8, 2010 Add Travis build status badge on Oct 19, 2015
build.gradle Re-organize gradle files to make them more readable Jul 24, 2015
connectbot.iml Update to targetSdkVersion 23 Aug 28, 2015 Use new NDK build support Mar 6, 2017
gradlew Convert to gradle build system Oct 1, 2014
gradlew.bat Convert to gradle build system Oct 1, 2014

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To compile ConnectBot using gradlew, you must first specify where your Android SDK and NDK are via the file. Insert a line similar to the following with the full path to your SDK: