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=head1 NAME
Apache2::Filter::HTTPHeadersFixup Changes file
=item 0.07-dev -
Submitted by:
=item 0.06 - Su Jul 3 20:15:00 EST 2005
Take Maintainership
[Philip M. Gollucci <>]
Update to the mp2 post RC5 API
[Philip M. Gollucci <>]
=item 0.05 - Mon Jan 3 01:03:12 EST 2005
sync APR::Bucket->new API with mp-1.99_17 and require it
pass non-data META buckets through
fix the (temporary request/connection long) memory s/remove/delete/.
APR::Bucket::delete requires mp1.99_16
=item 0.04 - Fri Aug 20 12:33:39 PDT 2004
adjust the code to use the latest mod_perl 2.0 API (require 1.99_15
for mp2 builds)
require at least Apache::Test 0.13 (changed order of t_cmp)
use the faster $bb->flatten to get the data in output filter handler
(instead of manually traversing bb)
=item 0.03 - Wed Apr 14 13:21:07 PDT 2004
fix the headers resetting bug [John D.Lima <>]
=item 0.02 - Mon Mar 1 19:01:42 PST 2004
by default disable the debug calls (which were consuming time even
when debug level was low)
now works over KeepAlive connections (adjust tests to test that)
documenations fixes [Adam Sjøgren <>]
=item 0.01 - Mon Dec 22 13:06:25 PST 2003
first version
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