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Navigation scripting & testing utility for PhantomJS
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CasperJS Build Status

CasperJS is a navigation scripting & testing utility for PhantomJS. It eases the process of defining a full navigation scenario and provides useful high-level functions, methods & syntaxic sugar for doing common tasks such as:

Browse the sample examples repository. Don't hesitate to pull request for any cool example of yours as well!

Read the full documentation on casperjs dedicated website.

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Follow the CasperJS project on twitter and Google+.

Show me some code!

Sample test to see if some dropdown can be opened:

casper.start('', function() {
    this.test.assertExists('#navbar-example');'#dropdowns .nav-pills .dropdown:last-of-type a.dropdown-toggle');
    this.waitUntilVisible('#dropdowns .nav-pills .open', function() {
        this.test.pass('Dropdown is open');
}); {

Run the script:


Contributing code

Please read the file contents.

Contributing documentation

CasperJS's documentation is written using the Markdown format, and hosted on Github thanks to the Github Pages Feature.

To view the source files on github, head to the gh-pages branch, and check the documentation's README for further instructions.

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