Django social authentication made simple
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Django Social Auth

Django Social Auth is an easy way to setup social authentication/authorization mechanism for Django projects.

Crafted using base code from django-twitter-oauth and django-openid-auth, it implements a common interface to define new authentication providers from third parties.

You can view this app's documentation on Read the Docs too.


This application provides user registration and login using social site credentials. Some features are:


There's a demo at Note: It lacks some backends' support at the moment.


Join the django-social-auth discussion list and bring any questions or suggestions that would improve this application.

Also join the IRC channel #django-social-auth on Freenode server.


Extensive documentation at Read the Docs.


Dependencies that must be met to use the application:


From pypi:

$ pip install django-social-auth


$ easy_install django-social-auth

or clone from github:

$ git clone git://

and add social_auth to PYTHONPATH:

$ export PYTHONPATH=$PYTHONPATH:$(pwd)/django-social-auth/


$ cd django-social-auth
$ sudo python install


If you're having problems with using the project, use the support forum at CodersClan.

Copyrights and Licence

django-social-auth is protected by BSD licence.

Some bits were derived from others' work and copyrighted by:

  • django-twitter-oauth:

    Original Copyright goes to Henrik Lied (henriklied)
    Code borrowed from
  • django-openid-auth:

    django-openid-auth -  OpenID integration for django.contrib.auth
    Copyright (C) 2007 Simon Willison
    Copyright (C) 2008-2010 Canonical Ltd.