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@krypdkat krypdkat released this Nov 18, 2018

Changelog 1.01:

  • Handled several Nvidia GPUs errors when overclocking
  • Supported stratum connection. Tested with amoveopool and veopool. veopool's stratum connection is not official yet, they're still developing it. Amoveopool stratum link is included inside the package.
  • Maintained auto switching pool. Miner will switch pool URL if there is more than 5 errors in 30 seconds. If all pool URLs are dead, the miner will be terminated.
  • Improved the stability of miner, It now can run for weeks without any issue.
  • Fixed missing deviceconfig.txt. Now you can run miner without deviceconfig.txt file.
  • Low GPU hashrate was improved.
  • To exit AMM on low-CPU machine: press [q] then [enter] then [Ctrl] + [C]
  • OCL version (run on AMD & Nvidia) has nearly the same hash rate as Cuda version.
  • On OCL version, you can pass -n=xxx and -b=yyy to tune the performance.

For pool developer: run `AmoveoMinerManCuda.exe --debugstratum" to see what miner receive

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@krypdkat krypdkat released this Nov 5, 2018

  • Migrating cuda code to OpenCL, can run on AMD cards

**** NOTE:

  • DeviceIDs will be shown on your console anytime you run it.
  • Editing your deviceconfig.txt base on shown information on your console.
  • CPU should be lower than 5-10%.
  • Doesn't have stratum connection to amoveopool yet.
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@krypdkat krypdkat released this Nov 9, 2018

Change log:

  • The miner now can "recognize" some patterns of hashes and solve them much faster. Probably start boosting your hash rate after running ~30 minutes.
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@krypdkat krypdkat released this Jun 27, 2018


  • Update diff computation
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Jun 14, 2018

@krypdkat krypdkat released this Jun 14, 2018

Change log:

  • Adding check-result filter before submitting. Failed share rate is expected to be below 1%.
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@krypdkat krypdkat released this Jun 11, 2018


  • Improving hash-rate.
  • Reducing failed share rate.
  • Preparing for AMD devices code
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@krypdkat krypdkat released this Jun 5, 2018

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@krypdkat krypdkat released this May 29, 2018


  • Decreasing CPU usage (under 30% for 8 cards rig).
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@krypdkat krypdkat released this May 28, 2018

Added auto-generate worker name by adding %computername% at the end of your wallet. (work with pools that support worker name).


your wallet:

  • BBFyaRMOSSNCzsa9t8cj8+1yT9oEr2hexJ4vUiOKWmsj0bFet9IvSfnxq5g0eZ/vodM4BjlGJlPi6NBb9xmdw3E=

edit the wallet address inside config.txt to:

  • BBFyaRMOSSNCzsa9t8cj8+1yT9oEr2hexJ4vUiOKWmsj0bFet9IvSfnxq5g0eZ/vodM4BjlGJlPi6NBb9xmdw3E=.%computername% (remember, there is a dot right after equal symbol)
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