Platform- and library-independent cryptography for Ruby.
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krypt. semper pi.

The goal of krypt is to provide a platform- and library-independent cryptography API for the Ruby language ( It can be used with all C(++)-based Ruby implementations as well as JRuby.

The major part of krypt is implemented in Ruby, and it additionally offers the possibility to integrate OS- or language-specific native libraries to implement cryptographic primitives. krypt aims at offering performance while still improving the security and features of the Ruby cryptography infrastructure. Its motto is to keep all the good parts of what exists today and to improve the parts that need improvement. It offers an idiomatic, modern API that cherry-picks the best features of other popular libraries and also offers new features that are not offered by others today.


The C implementation of the krypt-core API to be used with all C-based Rubies. The repository can be found at


Realizes the krypt-core API in Java to be used by Jruby ( The repository can be found at


An all Ruby implementation of krypt-core. Access to the native krypt-provider libraries is realized via FFI. The repository can be found at


A realization of the krypt-provider API in C that utilizes OpenSSL ( Can also be used by JRuby via krypt-core-ruby and FFI. The repository is at


Realization of the krypt-provider API in Java exclusively to be used by JRuby. The implementation is based on the JDK built-in security and cryptography library. The repository is at


Copyright (c) 2012-2013 Hiroshi Nakamura and Martin Boßlet. krypt and all its sub projects are distributed under the MIT License. See LICENSE for further details.