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Krypton turns your phone into a U2F/FIDO2 authenticator providing unphishable, zero-touch logins without any separate hardware.


  1. kr Public

    A dev tool for SSH auth + Git commit/tag signing using a key stored in Krypton.

    Go 1.6k 115

  2. kr-u2f Public

    A Browser extension that lets you use your phone as a U2F/WebAuthN Authenticator for strong, unphishable 2FA.

    TypeScript 124 35

  3. krypton-ios Public

    Krypton turns your iOS device into a WebAuthn/U2F Authenticator: strong, unphishable 2FA.

    Swift 329 52

  4. Krypton turns your Android device into a U2F Authenticator: strong, unphishable 2FA.

    Java 201 50

  5. sigchain Public

    A signed hash chain implementation for zero-trust data management.

    Rust 41 19

  6. www Public's website

    JavaScript 17 15


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