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Krypton Developer Tools

The kr command line interface

kr enables SSH to authenticate with a key stored in a Krypton (iOS or Android) mobile app. kr runs as an SSH agent, called krd. When a Krypton private key operation is needed for authentication, krd routes this request to the paired mobile phone, where the user decides whether to allow the operation or not. The private key never leaves the phone.

kr also enables Git Commit/Tag signing with a key stored in Krypton. kr includes an interface to gpg, called krgpg, that can talk with git in order to pgp-sign git commits and tags.

Supported Operating Systems

kr currently supports MacOS (10.10+) and Linux (64 Bit) (Debian, RHEL, CentOS, Fedora with systemd).

Easy Install

curl | sh

Build Dependencies / Instructions

We use go modules for easy dependency management.

Install / Run From Source

make install
make start
kr pair


Check out

Security Disclosure Policy

Krypton follows a 7-day disclosure policy. If you find a security flaw, please send it to encrypted to the PGP key with fingerprint B873685251A928262210E094A70D71BE0646732C (find the full key here). We ask that you delay publication of the flaw until we have published a fix, or seven days have passed.


We are currently working on a new license for Krypton. For now, the code is released under All Rights Reserved.