Install this Plugin in Freshdesk so you can get data about devices in Jamf Pro directly from within Freshdesk.
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FreshDesk - Jamf|PRO


FreshDesk market place app to get the Computer / Mobile Device details from Jamf|PRO.

Agents need to provide the Jamf|PRO domain(URL, Example:, User name & Password while installing the app. Please note Multiple Jamf accounts can be configured during installation.

Once installed, The application can be accessed by clicking the Jamf|PRO icon in Ticket Side bar (Right side of the ticket details page).

Freshdesk Tickets

Agents can get the details from Jamf|PRO by providing the serial number. Following are the sample screenshots.

Freshdesk Tickets Freshdesk Tickets

Freshdesk Tickets Freshdesk Tickets

Note: Loading Icon will be displayed while search is in progress...

Freshdesk Tickets

Folder structure explained

├──                  This file. Provides description about the app.
├── app                        Contains the files that are required for the front end component of the app
│   ├── app.js                 JS to render the dynamic portions of the app
│   ├── jamf_logo.svg          Sidebar icon SVG file. Should have a resolution of 64x64px.
│   ├── jamf_logo.png          The Freshdesk logo that is displayed in the app
│   ├── style.css              Style sheet for the app
│   ├── template.html          Contains the HTML required for the app’s UI
├── config                     Contains the installation parameters and OAuth configuration
│   ├── iparams.json           Contains the parameters that will be collected during installation
│   └── iparam_test_data.json  Contains sample Iparam values that will used during testing
└── manifest.json              Contains app meta data and configuration information