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Proof of Concept App That Sends GPS Coordinates To A Jamf Extension Attribute Called "gps"
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Xcode Project


This app sends GPS coordinates (e.g. "-41.9902,34.00029475") into an extension attribute called gps. This app is meant to be a proof of concept and not put into production.

When opened JamfSOS will display a simple map view.

alt text

The view controller sends core location data to the Jamf Pro UAPI or to be more specific sends MKCoordinateSpan(latitudeDelta: 0.01, longitudeDelta: 0.01).

For now we're simply constructing the URL to POST to as components.path = "/uapi/inventory/obj/mobileDevice/1/update" on a host defined in the app.

That 1 integer is static so it just works for one device.

You don't want to put a token in an app, as it can be exposed in the app. So if anyone were to use this project to build an app for distribution outside of a PoC, use the Jamf Pro Certificates API to remove the token from the app and dynamically obtain the device ID using appconfig feedback.

If the app is working correctly you will see the coordinates in an extension attribute. That could be moved for a production-grade iteration.

alt text

Again, this is really just a reference implementation. If anyone was going to put it into production it should be forked. If so, add the Jamf Certificate SDK so you aren't distributing tokens and maybe consider doing something where you put a microservice in place to audit the admin users that access those coordinates and possibly track the history of where the device has been, if needed. The reason something like this isn't in Jamf Pro is that Jamf doesn't want certain pieces of private data. Having said that, the nuance here is that the messaging comes from a time before entitlements. Now that users must opt into such tracking, it's no longer a sinister thing and can be used for good. As an example, you could add a red button or siri functionality to send an SOS. There are other options to do this kind of thing, but with appconfig options and appconfig feedback this provides a framework to do more integrated management options given an SOS is sent.

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