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This release ships some fixes and enhancements. Additionally we renamed some attributes and model-classes. If you already used v2.0.0 it might be needed to fix these changes.


  • #86 add "payable" attribute to AccountResult-model


  • #85 AeternalService: fix case-sensitive comparison of domains
  • #88 replace Optional.orElse with Optional.orElseGet in the AccountServiceImpl


  • #84 add missing ÆNS related AeternalService functionalities
    • we added the possibility to query for active names and search for a name (which allows to receive e.g. the owner of a name)
  • #87 add support to receive byteCode for given contractId


Breaking changes and new features

  • #77 integrate middleware aeternal and allow to query ÆNS auction related information
  • #72 add method to post transactions with a custom private key
  • #70 adapt TLD changes (.chain instead of .aet)
  • #68 refactoring: rename contractBaseUrl to compilerBaseUrl
  • #65 refactoring: allow posting of signed transactions (string)
  • #64 ÆNS: auction-related functionalities
    • calculate the next minimum fee for a running auction
  • #63 refactoring: dryRun actions
  • #56 Lima related changes:
    • update to new node version v5.x.x
    • ÆNS auctions:
      • TLD: .aet instead of .test
      • nameFee calculation
      • adapt changes in generation of commitmentId and nameId
      • update version of NameClaimTx
    • update to new compiler version v4.x.x:
      • adapt sophia contracts to compile with new version
    • FATE-VM:
      • make the compiler-backend configurable (AEVM / FATE)
      • introduce VirtualMachine enum and add it to the ServiceConfiguration so that the services in the SDK use the correct vmVersion and abiVersion combination and the correct backend in the compiler
  • #44 major refactoring:
    • introduced model classes to be independent from the swagger-generated classes
    • discarded the TransactionFactory -> for each transaction-type a model class was introduced which can be created following the builder-pattern
    • introduced the AeternityService which serves as entrypoint to access other services and needs to be instantiated through the AeternityServiceFactory by passing the AeternityServiceConfiguration

General changes

  • #60 update tuweni to stable release version
  • #57 support contracts and oracles as ÆNS pointers
  • #49 provide guidelines for contributors
  • #45 update of node (v4.1.0) and compiler (v3.2.0)


General changes

  • #5 included a specific version (27.0.1-jre)
    • maven users shouldn't need to that in their own projects anymore
  • #24 replaced net.consensys.cava dependency by org.apache.tuweni
    • the project is now being maintained by the apache software foundation
  • #25 upgraded SDK setup to make use of æternity release 3.0.1 (Fortuna)
  • #27 added goggles to docker-compose setup in order to enable easy tx verification in our local setup
  • #31 we included our PaymentSplitter.aes contract into the test-resources and wrote an integration test to make sure our contract functionalities work
  • #32 we made some changes regarding our release-notes
    • in future you will find all information in this changelog-file
    • there won't be a specific file for a certain release anymore
  • #35 in future you will find the SDK documentation on gitbook:
  • #36 upgraded SDK setup to make use of æternity release 3.3.0 (Fortuna)

New features

  • #7 AENs support
    • from now on it is possible to make use of the æternity naming system
  • #10 contract support
    • from now on it is possible to create and interact with æternity smart contracts
    • while developing the contract support we identified some problems with the RLP encoding when trying to encode a BigInteger.ZERO
      • in the past it wasn't possible to use a TTL with value 0 in any transaction type
      • this is now solved :-)
  • #28 added support for sophia compiler
    • we now provide a CompilerServiceFactory that allows to get an Instance of SophiaCompilerServiceImpl
    • this service was needed to enable creation of smart contracts with the SDK
  • #40 added service method to generate ACI for Smart Contracts


Breaking changes

  • Transactions are now created through a central TransactionFactory
    • this refactoring breaks implementations that used older versions of the SDK

General changes

  • #13 upgrade to new æternity release 2.0.0 (Minerva)

New features

  • #6 HD wallet support (BIP44, BIP32 + BIP39)
    • it is now possible to create and recover HD wallets
  • #11 Fees (gas cost) calculation
    • æternity release 2.0.0 (Minerva) introduced a new fee structure
    • the SDK now provides an automated fee calculation if the user doesn't provide a fee on his/her own



  • #4 create a transaction on testnet
    • we used ae_devnet instead of ae_uat before
    • now we support 3 networks:
      • DEVNET (ae_devnet)
      • TESTNET (ae_uat)
      • MAINNET (ae_mainnet)


General changes

  • return Single instead of Observable for responses that return only one object
  • switch from bouncycastle 1.61-beta to the release version (no more need to manually add it)


Initial release of our Java SDK to interact with the æternity blockchain.

Initial functionalities

  • generate and recover KeyPair
  • generate and recover Keystore-JSON
  • create and sign spendTx
  • various utils (crypto, encoding, signing)
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