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Raw Pages Import

raw-import is a fork of ghp-import to be more generic on branch name under Git repository,

It's possible to generate documentation wit Sphinx, and publish the result of make html under the specify branch

Big Fat Warning

This will DESTROY your dedicate branch. If you love it, you'll want to take backups before playing with this. This script assumes that pages is 100% derivative. You should never edit files in your gh-pages branch by hand if you're using this script because you will lose your work.


Usage: raw-import [OPTIONS] DIRECTORY

  -m MESG     The commit message to use on the gh-pages branch.
  -p          Push the branch to origin/gh-pages after committing.
  -r REMOTE   The name of the remote to push to. [origin]
  -b BRANCH   The name of the dedicate branch. [pages]
  -h, --help  show this help message and exit

Its pretty simple. Inside your repository just run raw-import $DOCS_DIR where $DOCS_DIR is the path to the built documentation. This will write a commit to your dedicate branch with the current documents in it.

If you specify -b it can be possible to specify the name of the branch.

If you specify -p it will also attempt to push the dedicate branch to GitHub. By default it'll just run git push origin pages. You can specify a different remote using the -r flag.


raw-import is distributed under the same license as ghp-import (the Tumbolia Public License. See the LICENSE file for more information).