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NetBSD kcov(4) extension plugins
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This repository contains various NetBSD KCOV modules.

All of the modules are designed to run on NetBSD 8.99.47 or newer.

The modules print to debugcon (Bochs/Qemu) console.

Dependencies: debugcon_printf


Dummy hello-world kcov(4) module.


Minimal AFL-style kcov(4) module.


To build the module just enter a directory with example modules and
use make(1):

    $ make

To load, unload, and stat the module use modload(8), modunload(8) and

The S parameter points to src/sys and it can be overloaded in this way:

    $ make S=/data/netbsd/src/sys

The code of a module does not need to be in src/sys unless you use
the autoconf(9) framework.

A cross-built of a module for a target platform is possible with the framework. You need to generate the toolchain and set
appropriately PATH to point bin/ in the TOOLDIR path. An example command
to cross-build a module with the amd64 toolchain is as follows:

   $ nbmake-amd64 S=/data/netbsd/src/sys


 * 2019-06-25 The first public version of kcov_modules.


Kamil Rytarowski <kamil @ NetBSD . org>
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