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gutenberg library skill for mycroft. is an ebook reader for mycroft that can download files from gutenbrg website.. it is a compressed file as i have have top ~100 public domain books install.. which is not so big at +50 megs compressed to 19m if you wish to download other gutenberg book just use ./gutesingle weblink to txt file

ie; ./gutesingle

it not limited to just gutenberg ebooks if you place your book ina web dir and set the top header of your book file with this


it will automatically process the book ito a usable format for Mycroft and chapterize it if the Chapter title are captitiled ie CHAPTER

usage . random book--- read book peter pan ---- stop reading book ---- continue reading book --- go to chapter 20 ----

cat gutenberg-library-skill.tar.gz.parta* >backup.tar.gz.joined then tar -zxf backup.tar.gz.joined

then lastly uncompress it ie tar -zxf gutenberg-library-skill.tar.gz

it will attempt to automatically determine the chapters

but if it can not you can manually set chapters

just place cvs line of your chapter line between headers at the end of the book




if you edit a book that was automatically chaptered just run ./chapter and the name of the book file to rechapter the book

pdf2txt will process pdf to text then up load to mycroft library USAGE: pdf2txt "path to pdf" "book name"

the public domain books included are (gutenberg websites has +50000 free books in multiple of languages more language then mycroft can speak) but you can uplaod books from kindle just use a kindle to text webtool save as pdf or text and upload to mycroft

alice’s adventures in wonderland

pride and prejudice


huckleberry finn

the adventures of sherlock holmes

a tale of two cities


peter pan

the time machine

tom sawyer

anna karenina

the wonderful wizard of oz

the scarlet letter

a christmas carol

operation boomerang

the science of getting rich

paradise lost

moby dick; or the whale

frederick douglass


anne of green gables

the romance of lust

through the looking-glass

the white flag

the legend of sleepy hollow

les misÉrables

the picture of dorian gray

the marines have landed

the war of the worlds


mansfield park

connecticut yankee

war and peace

warlord of mars

dr. jekyll and mr. hyde

treasure island

the beasts of tarzan

anne of avonlea

the count of monte cristo


the son of tarzan

twenty years after, b

don quixote


a study in scarlet


the prince

the palace and park

little women

the oedipus trilogy

on the duty of civil disobedience

aesops fables

heart of darkness

a dolls house

the federalist papers

around the world in 80 days

my young master

the yellow wallpap

thuvia, maid of mars

the secret garden

crime and punishment

a princess of mars

the blue raider


the scarlet pimpernel

the return of tarzan

the lay of the nibelung men


a case of sunburn

the willows


the markenmore mystery

the prisoner of zenda

anne of the island

the marvellous land of oz

o pioneers!

grimms’ fairy tales

great expectations


the republic

the prophet

sense and sensibility

oliver twist

the murder on the links

forbidden fruit

thirty strange stories


beyond good and evil


the awakening and selected

leaves of grass

the mysterious affair at styles

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