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æternity middleware


This is a caching layer for Epoch. It reads the chain and records key-blocks and micro-blocks, and transactions in Mongo database.

How to use

  • Install a mongo db somewhere. Works with versions >= 3.6, at least.
  • Copy config.json.default to config.json and change to configure the connections and settings for your instance
  • Install dependencies with npm -i

How to run

You need nodejs installed in your computer

node middleware.js
node middleware-server.js

Supported or overriden queries

GET /middleware/transactions/<hash>
GET /middleware/transactions/account/<account>/count
GET /middleware/transactions/account/<account>?[limit]&[page]
GET /middleware/transactions/interval/<from>/<to>/count
GET /middleware/transactions/interval/<from>/<to>?[limit]&[page]
GET /middleware/contracts/transactions/address/<address>?[limit]&[page]
GET /v2/key-blocks/current/height
GET /v2/generations/height/:height

Any other query not supported by the middleware is forwarded directly to the AEternity node.

The middleware supports http and https service mode, it can connect to http and https AEternity nodes, it can redirect between http and https as well.

Please note this forwarding makes this middleware effectively a proxy, and it will work even between different protocols.

Known differences from official middleware

Websocket support is not included in this middleware version GET /middleware/transactions/interval/<from>/<to>/count is not in the official middleware, this is used to fill tables efficiently GET /v2/generations/height/:height returns an extra fields, specifically txs_count which has the total transactions at this block GET /middleware/size/current and GET /middleware/size/height/<height> this value is the length from the original response from the server, this field is not calculated neither is it stored GET /middleware/channels/transactions/address/<address> can't link the creation of the channel yet - needs to decode the transaction GET /middleware/contracts/all I don't know how to do this yet, this needs decoding of the contract calls

Implemented but not yet tested

GET /middleware/contracts/transactions/address/<address> GET /middleware/oracles/all?<limit>&<page> GET /middleware/transactions/rate/<from>/<to>

Blockchain Explorer (Extra feature)

  • The middleware-server includes a simple explorer that will allow you to see what is in the middleware currently, made specifically to connect to the middleware The explorer is available at GET /explorer/* after being enabled in the config.json file.


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