ready template for your next case study or portfolio page, demo available!
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Case Study Template

ready template for your next case study or portfolio page
for demo and some hints how to use the features click here


  • build with HAML, SASS (with Compass) & CoffeeScript thanks to Middleman
  • simple semantic grid
  • styles for basic elements like lists and images with captions
  • nice typography thanks to Google Fonts API
  • you can use Markdown in your articles
  • content slider if you want to display more articles in one section
  • mobile friendly thanks to responsive design
  • author's section on the bottom with set of social options (some vector icons by Alex Peattie)
  • completely open source, available under the MIT licence!

How to use?

  • clone this repository
  • install bundler -> gem install bundler
  • go into repository folder
  • run bundle install
  • run middleman server
  • go to in your browser for demo page
  • edit the content
  • run middleman build if you ready

Pages using Case Study Template

add your page here if you like and use this template

Copyright (c) 2012 Krzysztof Urbas (@krzysu). is available under the MIT license.