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cl-gettext is a Common Lisp binding to GNU gettext, which is a library
that allows strings in a program to be translated to other languages.
It is licensed under the LLGPL, which is in the file COPYING. The only
dependency for this binding is cffi. Functions have the same names as
their C counterparts, except that underscores are changed to dashes. A
convenience function `init-gettext' has been provided, which allows
for gettext initialization in one step. In addition, the _ and _noop
macros are provided, which are used to mark translatable strings.
More information on gettext can be found at , and a C
tutorial can be found at . More
documentation for the binding is available in the documentation.html
file located in your download.
If you find any bugs in this binding, please file an issue at , which is also the place to
find the latest version of cl-gettext. If you need to contact the
author, please email krzysdrewniak <AT> gmail <DOT> com .