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<title>CL-GETTEXT - A Common Lisp binding to GNU Gettext.</title>
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<h2> CL-GETTEXT - A Common Lisp binding to GNU Gettext.</h2>
<br>&nbsp;<br><h3><a name=abstract class=none>Abstract</a></h3>
The code is licenced under the LLGPL
<font color=red>Download shortcut:</font> <a href=""></a>.
<br>&nbsp;<br><h3><a class=none name="contents">Contents</a></h3>
<li><a href="#download">Download</a>
<li><a href="#dictionary">The CL-GETTEXT dictionary</a>
<li><a href="#bind-textdomain-codeset"><code>bind-textdomain-codeset</code></a>
<li><a href="#bindtextdomain"><code>bindtextdomain</code></a>
<li><a href="#gettext"><code>gettext</code></a>
<li><a href="#init-gettext"><code>init-gettext</code></a>
<li><a href="#lc-address"><code>lc-address</code></a>
<li><a href="#lc-all"><code>lc-all</code></a>
<li><a href="#lc-collate"><code>lc-collate</code></a>
<li><a href="#lc-ctype"><code>lc-ctype</code></a>
<li><a href="#lc-identification"><code>lc-identification</code></a>
<li><a href="#lc-measurement"><code>lc-measurement</code></a>
<li><a href="#lc-messages"><code>lc-messages</code></a>
<li><a href="#lc-monetary"><code>lc-monetary</code></a>
<li><a href="#lc-name"><code>lc-name</code></a>
<li><a href="#lc-numeric"><code>lc-numeric</code></a>
<li><a href="#lc-paper"><code>lc-paper</code></a>
<li><a href="#lc-telephone"><code>lc-telephone</code></a>
<li><a href="#lc-time"><code>lc-time</code></a>
<li><a href="#localeconv"><code>localeconv</code></a>
<li><a href="#ngettext"><code>ngettext</code></a>
<li><a href="#setlocale"><code>setlocale</code></a>
<li><a href="#textdomain"><code>textdomain</code></a>
<li><a href="#_"><code>_</code></a>
<li><a href="#_noop"><code>_noop</code></a>
<li><a href="#ack">Acknowledgements</a>
<br>&nbsp;<br><h3><a class=none name="download">Download</a></h3>
CL-GETTEXT together with this documentation can be downloaded from <a
href=""></a>. The
current version is 0.1.
<br>&nbsp;<br><h3><a class=none name="dictionary">The CL-GETTEXT dictionary</a></h3>
<p><br>[Function]<br><a class=none name='bind-textdomain-codeset'><b>bind-textdomain-codeset</b> <i>__domainname __codeset</i> =&gt; <i>result</i></a>
Set the encoding for the strings stored in `__domain&#039;. You normally don&#039;t need to call this, as the locale contains this information a;ready.
<!-- End of entry for BIND-TEXTDOMAIN-CODESET -->
<!-- Entry for BINDTEXTDOMAIN -->
<p><br>[Function]<br><a class=none name='bindtextdomain'><b>bindtextdomain</b> <i>__domainname __dirname</i> =&gt; <i>result</i></a>
Specify what directory the `textdomain&#039; resides under. On Linux systems, this is usually &quot;/usr/share/locale&quot;.
<!-- End of entry for BINDTEXTDOMAIN -->
<!-- Entry for GETTEXT -->
<p><br>[Function]<br><a class=none name='gettext'><b>gettext</b> <i>__msgid</i> =&gt; <i>result</i></a>
Get the translation (if any) of `__msgid&#039;, which is a string
<!-- End of entry for GETTEXT -->
<!-- Entry for INIT-GETTEXT -->
<p><br>[Function]<br><a class=none name='init-gettext'><b>init-gettext</b> <i>textdomain directory <tt>&amp;optional</tt> locales</i> =&gt; <i>result</i></a>
Wrapper for the series of calls needed to initialize gettext. `textdomain&#039; holds the $foo part of $ . `directory&#039; is where the .mo files will be stores. `locales&#039; is a list of locale categories to initialize with `setlocale&#039; if `lc-all&#039; doesn&#039;t work for you.
<!-- End of entry for INIT-GETTEXT -->
<!-- Entry for LC-ADDRESS -->
<p><br>[Constant]<br><a class=none name='lc-address'><b>lc-address</b></a>
A locale category.
<!-- End of entry for LC-ADDRESS -->
<!-- Entry for LC-ALL -->
<p><br>[Constant]<br><a class=none name='lc-all'><b>lc-all</b></a>
A locale category. This category is the one which is most often used (and the default when initializing `cl-gettext&#039;)
<!-- End of entry for LC-ALL -->
<!-- Entry for LC-COLLATE -->
<p><br>[Constant]<br><a class=none name='lc-collate'><b>lc-collate</b></a>
A locale category.
<!-- End of entry for LC-COLLATE -->
<!-- Entry for LC-CTYPE -->
<p><br>[Constant]<br><a class=none name='lc-ctype'><b>lc-ctype</b></a>
A locale category.
<!-- End of entry for LC-CTYPE -->
<!-- Entry for LC-IDENTIFICATION -->
<p><br>[Constant]<br><a class=none name='lc-identification'><b>lc-identification</b></a>
A locale category.
<!-- End of entry for LC-IDENTIFICATION -->
<!-- Entry for LC-MEASUREMENT -->
<p><br>[Constant]<br><a class=none name='lc-measurement'><b>lc-measurement</b></a>
A locale category.
<!-- End of entry for LC-MEASUREMENT -->
<!-- Entry for LC-MESSAGES -->
<p><br>[Constant]<br><a class=none name='lc-messages'><b>lc-messages</b></a>
A locale category.
<!-- End of entry for LC-MESSAGES -->
<!-- Entry for LC-MONETARY -->
<p><br>[Constant]<br><a class=none name='lc-monetary'><b>lc-monetary</b></a>
A locale category.
<!-- End of entry for LC-MONETARY -->
<!-- Entry for LC-NAME -->
<p><br>[Constant]<br><a class=none name='lc-name'><b>lc-name</b></a>
A locale category.
<!-- End of entry for LC-NAME -->
<!-- Entry for LC-NUMERIC -->
<p><br>[Constant]<br><a class=none name='lc-numeric'><b>lc-numeric</b></a>
A locale category.
<!-- End of entry for LC-NUMERIC -->
<!-- Entry for LC-PAPER -->
<p><br>[Constant]<br><a class=none name='lc-paper'><b>lc-paper</b></a>
A locale category.
<!-- End of entry for LC-PAPER -->
<!-- Entry for LC-TELEPHONE -->
<p><br>[Constant]<br><a class=none name='lc-telephone'><b>lc-telephone</b></a>
A locale category.
<!-- End of entry for LC-TELEPHONE -->
<!-- Entry for LC-TIME -->
<p><br>[Constant]<br><a class=none name='lc-time'><b>lc-time</b></a>
A locale category.
<!-- End of entry for LC-TIME -->
<!-- Entry for LOCALECONV -->
<p><br>[Function]<br><a class=none name='localeconv'><b>localeconv</b> <i></i> =&gt; <i>result</i></a>
Returns an `lconv&#039; structure with the information applicable for the current locale.
<!-- End of entry for LOCALECONV -->
<!-- Entry for NGETTEXT -->
<p><br>[Function]<br><a class=none name='ngettext'><b>ngettext</b> <i>__msgid1 __msgid2 __n</i> =&gt; <i>result</i></a>
The plural version of `gettext&#039; The first string should be the return value for n == 1, and the second string the value for n != 1. The third argument is n. Use this instead of an `if&#039; because other languages have more or less than two branches for plurals, and this function allows translators to specify the plurals for their language.
<!-- End of entry for NGETTEXT -->
<!-- Entry for SETLOCALE -->
<p><br>[Function]<br><a class=none name='setlocale'><b>setlocale</b> <i>__category __locale</i> =&gt; <i>result</i></a>
Set a locale category to the locale given in `__locale&#039;. If __locale is &quot;&quot;, the current system setting will be used.
<!-- End of entry for SETLOCALE -->
<!-- Entry for TEXTDOMAIN -->
<p><br>[Function]<br><a class=none name='textdomain'><b>textdomain</b> <i>__domainname</i> =&gt; <i>result</i></a>
Set the textdomain for the application. The textdomain is the name (before the dot) of your project&#039;s .mo files
<!-- End of entry for TEXTDOMAIN -->
<!-- Entry for _ -->
<p><br>[Macro]<br><a class=none name='_'><b>_</b> <i>string</i> =&gt; <i>result</i></a>
Shorthand for `(gettext string)&#039;
<!-- End of entry for _ -->
<!-- Entry for _NOOP -->
<p><br>[Macro]<br><a class=none name='_noop'><b>_noop</b> <i>string</i> =&gt; <i>result</i></a>
A noop macro to mark translatable strings in places where the call to `gettext&#039; would be evaluated too early. See the C documentation for details on this.
<!-- End of entry for _NOOP -->
<br>&nbsp;<br><h3><a class=none name="ack">Acknowledgements</a></h3>
This documentation was prepared with <a href="">DOCUMENTATION-TEMPLATE</a>.
<p><a href="">BACK TO REPOSITORY</a>
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