Node.js library to transform modules into classes
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Node.js library to transform modules into classes. ##Instalation

npm install oop-module

##Usage ###Class definition You can define classes just like you are define modules.


var firstName;
var lastName;

exports.constructor = function(_firstName, _lastName) {
	firstName = _firstName;
	lastName = _lastName
exports.introduce = function() {
	return 'My name is ' + firstName + ' ' + lastName;
var oop = require('module-oop');
var Person = oop.class('./Person.js');

var spiderman = new Person('Peter', 'Parker');
var batman = new Person('Bruce', 'Wayne');

assert.notEqual(spiderman, batman);

spiderman.introduce(); //'My name is Peter Parker';
batman.introduce(); //'My name is Bruce Wayne';

###Inheritance Constructor is inherited from class Person. Method introduce is overridden.


var oop = require('module-oop');
var _super = oop.extends('./Person.js');

exports.introduce = function() {
	return "YO! " + _super.introduce();
var oop = require('module-oop');
var Rapper = oop.class('./Rapper.js');

var snoopDogg = new Rapper('Snoop', 'Dogg');
snoopDogg.introduce(); //'YO! My name is Snoop Dogg';


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