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Krzysztof Żuraw dotfiles

How to

Run brew bundle and then:

stow code
stow fish --no-folding
stow git
stow npm

Keyboard shortcuts (mac)

  • ⌘ + Tab switch between apps
  • Press q to quit an app from this place
  • + ``` to switch between multiple windows of an app
  • ⌘ + T for a new tab
  • ⌘ + Shift + T to reopen a closed tab
  • Option (alt) + ←/→ to move word-by-word
  • Add Shift to select those items


  • Ctrl + A to move to the start of command in shell
  • Ctrl + E to move to the end of command in shell
  • Ctrl + U clear line in shell
  • Ctrl + K deletes the line from the position of the cursor to the end of the line
  • Ctrl + W this deletes the word before the cursor only
  • Ctrl + f to move forward
  • Ctrl + b to move backward
  • Ctrl + p to move up
  • Ctrl + n to move down
  • Ctrl + d to delete forward
  • Ctrl + h to delete backward

Visual Studio Code

All extensions can be found inside here

  • Cmd+p + @ for symbols, : for lines, ? for options
  • Cmd+b to hide/show the side bar
  • Cmd+j to show/hide the bottom drawer
  • F8 to cycle through errors
  • Cmd+. for quick action fix
  • F7 go to next difference in diff mode
  • F2 to rename symbol
  • Cmd+] to cycle trough opened editors
  • Cmd+Shift+p to open command palette
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