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(in-package :cl-user)
(defpackage :x.let-star-test
(:use :cl :x.let-star)
(:import-from x.let-star when-let ignore-varname-p)
(:shadowing-import-from x.let-star let*))
(in-package :x.let-star-test)
(defparameter *tests* '())
(defmacro deftest (name &body body)
`(let ((elem (cons ',name
(lambda (&optional chatty?)
(multiple-value-bind (result error)
(ignore-errors (progn ,@body))
(let ((passed (and result (not error))))
(when (or (not passed) chatty?)
(format t "test ~A ~:[FAILED~;ok~].~%" ',name passed))
(let ((pos (member ',name *tests* :key #'car)))
(if pos
(rplaca pos elem)
(push elem *tests*)))))
(defun run-tests (&optional chatty?)
(let ((passed 0)
(failed 0))
(loop :for (name . test) :in (reverse *tests*)
:do (if (funcall test chatty?)
(incf passed)
(incf failed)))
(when chatty?
(format t "/// X.LET-STAR testing done. ~A passed, ~A failed." passed failed))
(zerop failed)))
(defun flatten-filter (fn tree)
(let ((result nil))
(labels ((rec (elem)
(when elem
(if (consp elem)
(rec (car elem))
(rec (cdr elem)))
(when-let (elem (funcall fn elem))
(push elem result))))))
(rec tree))
(nreverse result)))
(defun find-gensyms (form)
(let ((seen '()))
(flet ((seen (x)
(member x seen
:test (lambda (s1 s2)
(string= (symbol-name s1)
(symbol-name s2))))))
(flatten-filter (lambda (x)
(when (and (symbolp x)
(null (symbol-package x))
(not (seen x)))
(push x seen)
(defstruct xxx x y z)
(deftest let*-simple
(equalp (macroexpand-1 `(let* ((a 10))
`(let ((a 10))
(deftest let*-simple-ignore
(let ((exp (macroexpand-1 `(let* ((_ 10)) :body))))
(destructuring-bind (ignore-var) (find-gensyms exp)
(and (ignore-varname-p ignore-var)
(equalp exp
`(let ((,ignore-var 10))
(declare (ignore ,ignore-var))
(deftest let*-simple-decl
(equalp (macroexpand-1
`(let* ((a 10)) (declare (fixnum a))))
`(let ((a 10))
(declare (type fixnum a)))))
(deftest let*-empty
(equalp (macroexpand-1 `(let* () :body))
`(let () :body)))
(deftest let*-varname-only
(equalp (macroexpand-1 `(let* (xxx) xxx))
`(let (xxx) xxx)))
(deftest let*-varname-only-ignore
(equalp (macroexpand-1 `(let* (_) :body))
`(progn :body)))
(deftest let*-varname-only-decl
(equalp (macroexpand-1 `(let* (xxx)
(declare ((or cons null) xxx))
`(let (xxx)
(declare (type (or cons null) xxx))
(deftest let*-vector-simple-destructuring
(let ((exp (macroexpand-1 `(let* ((#(a) #(1))) a))))
(destructuring-bind (val) (find-gensyms exp)
(equalp exp
`(let ((,val #(1)))
(assert (eql (length ,val) 1) nil
"expected vector of length ~a" 1)
(let ((a (aref ,val 0)))
(deftest let*-vector-simple-destructuring-decl
(let ((exp (macroexpand-1 `(let* ((#(a) #(1)))
(declare (fixnum a))
(destructuring-bind (val) (find-gensyms exp)
(equalp exp
`(let ((,val #(1)))
(assert (eql (length ,val) 1) nil
"expected vector of length ~a" 1)
(let ((a (aref ,val 0)))
(declare (type fixnum a))
(deftest let*-vector-length-check
(let* ((#(a) #(1 2)))
(error ()
(deftest let*-vector-simple-destructuring-rest-unbound
(let ((exp (macroexpand-1 `(let* ((#(a &rest) #(1 2))))))) ;; or #(... &rest _)
(destructuring-bind (val) (find-gensyms exp)
(equalp exp
`(let ((,val #(1 2)))
(let ((a (aref ,val 0)))))))))
(deftest let*-vector-simple-destructuring-rest-bound
(let ((exp (macroexpand-1 `(let* ((#(a &rest b) #(1 2)))))))
(destructuring-bind (val) (find-gensyms exp)
(equalp exp
`(let ((,val #(1 2)))
(let ((a (aref ,val 0)))
(let ((b (make-array (- (length ,val) 1)
:displaced-to ,val
:displaced-index-offset 1))))))))))
(deftest let*-vector-simple-destructuring-rest-bound-decl
(let ((exp (macroexpand-1 `(let* ((#(a &rest b) #(1 2)))
(declare (fixnum a) (vector b))
(destructuring-bind (val) (find-gensyms exp)
(equalp exp
`(let ((,val #(1 2)))
(let ((a (aref ,val 0)))
(declare (type fixnum a))
(let ((b (make-array (- (length ,val) 1)
:displaced-to ,val
:displaced-index-offset 1)))
(declare (type vector b))
(deftest let*-vector-nested-destructuring-rest-bound-decl
(let ((exp (macroexpand-1 `(let* ((#((b . c) &rest rest)
(vector (list 2 3 4) 7 8 9)))
(declare (fixnum b) (list c) (vector rest))
(destructuring-bind (val array-nested-val) (find-gensyms exp)
(equalp exp
`(let ((,val (vector (list 2 3 4) 7 8 9)))
(let ((,array-nested-val (aref ,val 0)))
(destructuring-bind (b . c) ,array-nested-val
(declare (type fixnum b) (type list c))
(let ((rest (make-array (- (length ,val) 1)
:displaced-to ,val
:displaced-index-offset 1)))
(declare (type vector rest))
(deftest let*-list-nested-destructuring-decl
(let ((exp (macroexpand-1 `(let* (((a (#(b) . c) (:slotval x) &rest rest)
(list 1 (cons #(2) 3) (make-xxx :x 4) 5 6)))
(declare (fixnum a b c x) (list rest))
(destructuring-bind (array slot-val val1 val2) (find-gensyms exp)
(equalp exp
(a (,array . c) ,slot-val &rest rest)
(list 1 (cons #(2) 3) (make-xxx :x 4) 5 6)
(declare (type fixnum a)
(type fixnum c)
(type list rest))
(let ((,val1 ,slot-val))
(let ((x (slot-value ,val1 'x)))
(declare (type fixnum x))
(let ((,val2 ,array))
(assert (eql (length ,val2) 1) nil "expected vector of length ~a" 1)
(let ((b (aref ,val2 0)))
(declare (type fixnum b))
(deftest let*-mval-simple
(let ((exp (macroexpand-1 `(let* (((:mval a b) (values 1 2))) :body))))
(equalp exp `(multiple-value-bind (a b) (values 1 2) :body))))
(deftest let*-mval-nested-destructuring-decl
(let ((exp (macroexpand-1 `(let* (((:mval _ #((a . b) (:slotval x)))
(ignored (vector (list 1 2)) (make-xxx :x 3))))
(declare (fixnum a x) (list b))
(ignore array val1 array-nested-val1 array-nested-val2 val2)
(find-gensyms exp)
(equalp exp
`(multiple-value-bind (,ignore ,array)
(ignored (vector (list 1 2)) (make-xxx :x 3))
(declare (ignore ,ignore))
(let ((,val1 ,array))
(assert (eql (length ,val1) 2) nil "expected vector of length ~a" 2)
(let ((,array-nested-val1 (aref ,val1 0)))
(destructuring-bind (a . b) ,array-nested-val1
(declare (type fixnum a) (type list b))
(let ((,array-nested-val2 (aref ,val1 1)))
(let ((,val2 ,array-nested-val2))
(let ((x (slot-value ,val2 'x)))
(declare (type fixnum x))
(deftest let*-slotval-decl
(let ((exp (macroexpand-1 `(let* (((:slotval (xxx x) y) (make-xxx :x 10 :y 20)))
(declare (fixnum xxx y))
(destructuring-bind (val) (find-gensyms exp)
(equalp exp
`(let ((,val (make-xxx :x 10 :y 20)))
(let ((xxx (slot-value ,val 'x)))
(declare (type fixnum xxx))
(let ((y (slot-value ,val 'y)))
(declare (type fixnum y))
(deftest let*-slotval-decl-multiple
(let ((exp (macroexpand-1 `(let* (((:mval (:slotval (xxx x) y)
(:slotval (yy y) z))
(values (make-xxx :x 10 :y 20)
(make-xxx :y 30 :z 40))))
(declare (fixnum xxx y yy z))
(destructuring-bind (list1 list2 val1 val2) (find-gensyms exp)
(equalp exp
`(multiple-value-bind (,list1 ,list2)
(values (make-xxx :x 10 :y 20) (make-xxx :y 30 :z 40))
(let ((,val1 ,list2))
(let ((yy (slot-value ,val1 'y)))
(declare (type fixnum yy))
(let ((z (slot-value ,val1 'z)))
(declare (type fixnum z))
(let ((,val2 ,list1))
(let ((xxx (slot-value ,val2 'x)))
(declare (type fixnum xxx))
(let ((y (slot-value ,val2 'y)))
(declare (type fixnum y))
(deftest let*-slot-decl
(let ((exp (macroexpand-1 `(let* (((:slot (xxx x) y) (make-xxx :x 10 :y 20)))
(declare (fixnum xxx y))
(equalp exp
`(with-slots ((xxx x) y)
(make-xxx :x 10 :y 20)
(declare (type fixnum xxx) (type fixnum y))
(deftest let*-accessorval-decl
(let ((exp (macroexpand-1 `(let* (((:accessorval (x xxx-x) (y xxx-y)) (make-xxx :x 10 :y 20)))
(declare (fixnum x y))
(destructuring-bind (val) (find-gensyms exp)
(equalp exp
`(let ((,val (make-xxx :x 10 :y 20)))
(let ((x (xxx-x ,val)))
(declare (type fixnum x))
(let ((y (xxx-y ,val)))
(declare (type fixnum y))
(deftest let*-all-decl
(let ((exp (macroexpand-1 `(let* (((:all x y z) 0))
(declare (fixnum x y z))
(destructuring-bind (val) (find-gensyms exp)
(equalp exp
`(let ((,val 0))
(let ((x ,val)
(y ,val)
(z ,val))
(declare (type fixnum x)
(type fixnum y)
(type fixnum z))
(deftest let*-complex-decl
(let ((exp (macroexpand-1 `(let* (((:complex x y) (complex 10 20)))
(declare (fixnum x y))
(destructuring-bind (complex) (find-gensyms exp)
(equalp exp
`(let ((,complex (complex 10 20)))
(let ((x (realpart ,complex))
(y (imagpart ,complex)))
(declare (type fixnum x) (type fixnum y))
(unless (run-tests)
(warn "!!!!!!!!!! some X.LET-STAR tests failed, please report that to 'karol <dot> skocik <at> gmail'"))