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LambStatus is a status page system inspired by, built on AWS Lambda.

With a few clicks, You can build a status page like this:

StatusPage Demo

The demo pages are available:

  • Status page (the page to tell your service's status to your users)
  • Admin page (the page to change your service's status)

Goals of this project

  • Offers an open source and serverless status page system.
  • Enables you to deploy and maintain the status page system at minimum effort.

Why Serverless?

Status page system is great with the Serverless architecture, because:

  • It dramatically eases your pain caused by the scaling / availability issues. It is terrible if your service is down AND heavy traffic from stuck users stops your status page.
  • It reduces your infrastructure cost. A status page usually gets very low traffic and occasionally huge traffic. You only pay for the traffic that you handle.

Apart from the Serverless architecture, LambStatus enables you to:

  • Easily build and update the system (by the power of the CloudFormation)
  • Choose the AWS region different from your service's region. If both your service and its status page rely on the same region, the region outage may stop both.


Launch your cloudformation stack by clicking the button below:

Launch CloudFormation Stack

When a window to create a new CloudFormation stack is opened (like below), click Next.


Then, enter your email address and click Next.


Click Next again.


Check the acknowledgment checkbox at the bottom and click Create.


When the stack is created, the email will be sent to the email address of the initial user. It may take 20-25 minutes, mainly due to the settings of CloudFront Distribution.


  NOTE: if you don't receive the email after 30 minutes, check the spam folder. The email comes from

Click the link in the email, and sign in to admin console.


See the demo page for the usage example of admin console.

Join our Community

LambStatus is still under development, and any contributions are very welcome!