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Connect Four


This program uses the Ruby language to run a connect four game in the terminal.


To run the game first clone the repository in your command line, then enter the following:

$ cd connect-four
$ ruby lib/play.rb

Instructions will appear to begin the game. Hit any key to initalize game.rb.


Upon initialization, Game triggers the play loop, which all other methods run through until the game_over variable is set to false. The place_piece method asks the user to pick a column on the board where player 1 would like to drop their piece. Check_move validates that their response is on the board, and places their move appropriately. Change_turn switches the current_turn variable to player 2, and the second player places a piece on the board.

This continues until four like pieces are placed in a row, which the check_for_winner method accounts for. The game_over variable is set to true, the play loop ends, and a message is sent to the screen congratulating the winner.


The Odin Project

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