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"""Multiprocessing example with queue.
import asyncio
import concurrent.futures
from dataclasses import dataclass
import multiprocessing as mp
import time
import typing
class SourceEvent:
index: int
class EventProcessingResult:
event: SourceEvent
result: int
def process(event: SourceEvent):
"""Example of CPU-bound operation blocking the event loop."""
print("Starting processing", event)
result = event.index * event.index
print("Finished processing", event, result)
return result
async def event_source(delay=1, finish_after=10) -> typing.AsyncIterator[SourceEvent]:
"""Asynchronous generator of events."""
counter = 0
while counter < finish_after:
await asyncio.sleep(delay)
counter += 1
event = SourceEvent(index=counter)
print("New event", event)
yield event
async def source_to_queue(source, queue):
async for event in source:
print("Submitted to queue", event)
def worker(queue, process_event):
while True:
event = queue.get()
if event is None:
print("Got None, exiting queue")
result = process_event(event)
async def main():
loop = asyncio.get_running_loop()
source = event_source()
with concurrent.futures.ProcessPoolExecutor(
) as pool, mp.Manager() as manager:
q = manager.Queue() # type: ignore
queue_push_task = loop.create_task(source_to_queue(source, queue=q))
worker_fs = [
loop.run_in_executor(pool, worker, q, process)
for _ in range(PROCESS_WORKERS)
await queue_push_task
print("Source finished, pushing None to queue...")
for _ in range(PROCESS_WORKERS):
await asyncio.gather(*worker_fs)
if __name__ == "__main__":