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Pet Shelter Introduction Note: This can be a pair programming activity or done independently.

Imagine you work for a pet shelter, and you've been asked to create an MVP for a web application that will allow you to keep track of adoptions, abandonments, and drop-offs. Using Node, Express, MongoDB, and Mongoose, build a small app that will allow a user to manipulate pet records.

Exercise Requirements The application will represent an animal shelter and the user will have options to:

Adopt a pet Abandon a pet Leave a new pet in the shelter The root page, ‘/animals’, will show a list of animals

For each animal on the index, a link will be displayed

If the animal is "orphaned", the link will be to "adopt" the animal If the animal is "adopted", the link will be to "abandon" the animal You will also need to create a form on the index where a user can input a new animal with the following data points:

Breed Family Name Gender DOB Create a model Animal with these fields:

name(String) breed(String) DOB(Date) gender(String) family(String) status(String) Note: The “status” should default to “abandoned” when a user creates the animal, so after the pet was “created” or dropped off at the shelter, a user could click the link to adopt the pet.


Add some style Add a field image to link pictures from the web Add validations with Mongoose Add a member_since field to your model that is defined by a custom model method. A user should never have to update this field explicitly, but rather it should be defined automatically on the click of the "Add an animal" button Create a "success" view that shows all animals that have been adopted

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