Remote acquisition node and XBee network with control and GUI software.
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XBee Data Acquisition

This project develops a remote data collection board, primarily aimed at a specific water flow meter. The board communicates collected counts of optical transitions from a rotating slotted wheel, over an XBee network to a master processing point. The remote unit includes a bootloader for remote upload of new firmware.

The challenge with this project is to reduce power consumption to a minimum to extend the life of the batteries, which may be difficult to access for recharge in practice.

In addition to the board design and firmware, a number of tools are provided to manage the network and collect data using Linux based hardware. These include an acquisition coordination process that is intended to run on a small headless Linux box such as a Raspberry Pi or BeagleBone. This manages the network and connects to a user interface program running either on the same machine or at another location. It uses a TCP/IP sockets interface that will allow remote connections over the Internet.

A number of test and debug firmwares are available as well as schematics for prototyping boards used as test nodes.


  • Documentation: A set of documents relevant to design and implementation.

  • gEDA-XBee-Test: Schematics for prototype boards for testing purposes.

  • Kicad-Main: Schematic and PCB for watermeter unit main board.

  • Kicad-Mounts: Schematic and PCB for XBee and LED mount boards.

  • watermeter-test: Firmware for the remote unit ATTiny481, in C, for use with flow bench testing over a serial interface. XBee is not used.

  • XBee-acqcontrol: Control software for the coordinator; in C++.

  • XBee-bootloader-M168: Bootloader for a remote unit with ATMega168.

  • XBee-experimental-T4313: Bootloader for a remote unit with ATTiny4313.

  • XBee-firmware: Firmware for the remote unit ATTiny481, in C.

  • XBee-firmware-NARTOS: Firmware for remote unit ATTiny481 using the NARTOS scheduler.

  • XBee-GUI: Linux PC based GUI for network control; C++ and QT.

  • XBee-node-example-M168: Example to send dummy message via XBee for testing.

  • XBee-utility: Some tools for direct interaction with XBee over a serial interface.

K. Sarkies 29 January 2016