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3D MPO (Multi Picture Object) Import Plug-in for GIMP
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3D MPO loader plug-in for GIMP

        MPO (Multiple Picture Object) is one of the stereo 3D image formats used in 
some of the 3D cameras.

        Some cameras create MPO files which contain multiple images.
The cameras Fujifilm W1 Finepix Real 3D and Fujifilm W3 Finepix Real 3D for
example save the right and the left picture of a 3D picture in a MPO file and
the camera Ricoh CX5 saves serial pictures in a MPO file. 

        GIMP currently only reads the first image of the MPO file. This plug-in reads the 
images contained in the MPO file to separate layers. 

        This plug-in is based on the enhancement request in Bugzilla -

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