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Blosxom Plug-in: readinglist


Allows the creation of lists for reading in progress, recently completed, and queued. Creates the following variables which may be inserted in your templates:

* $readinglist::recent
* $readinglist::queued
* $readinglist::current

Books are tracked as normal bloxsom entries, with meta- variables for additional information. Ex:

The Confusion
meta-title: The Confusion
meta-author: Neal Stephenson
meta-isbn: 0060523867
... Your review (optional) ...

If a review is present, then a normal blosxom entry will be generated from file, as well as it being included in the reading list. Otherwise, the file will be removed from the entries list (i.e., it will appear in the reading list, but not in the main blog.)




Requires the "meta" plugin


Configuration variables

$base_dir, $queued_dir, $current_dir, $completed_dir can be modified to control which directories store the data files for books. The defaults are $bloxsom::datadir/books/{in_queue,current,completed}.

$num_queued, $num_current, $num_recent specify the maximum number of books to display in each category. Setting these to undef indicated no limit. The defaults are 5, undef, and 5, respectively.

$amazon_id can be changed to your Amazon Associates ID, or you can express your eternal gratitude to me by leaving it as it is ;-)

$debug_level can be set to a value between 0 and 5; 0 will output no debug information, while 5 will be very verbose. The default is 2, and should be changed after you've verified the plugin is working correctly.


You can customize the HTML that is produced for each list using the templates: readinglist.head.flavour,, readinglist.foot.flavour.


Kevin Scaldeferri (kevin+blosxom at scaldeferri dot com)


Probably; address bug reports and comments to me or to the Blosxom mailing list


  • Provide a link to the review from the list

  • Make list of lists to track configurable?


readinglist Blosxom Plug-in Copyright 2005, Kevin Scaldeferri

This code is released under the same license as Perl, namely the Artistic License: (Note that this is different from the license which Blosxom is distributed under.)