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I strongly recommend that you use these scripts with Google Chrome.
Chrome offers the easiest installation, fastest performance, and
fewest bugs. There are some instructions for other browsers at
the bottom of this page.

To install in Chrome, all you need to do is find your language in the
table below, follow the link to the Chrome Web Store, and click the
blue “Add To Chrome” button at the top right-hand side of the page.

Then visit and you should see things in your language.
No need to restart your browser, although you may need to refresh
the page if you were already logged into Facebook.

Note that there is a “Default” language for each script given in the table.
In most cases, it’s “en”, which means you must have your Facebook
language set to “English (US)” for the translation to work correctly
(you can set you language on Facebook’s “Account Settings” page).
If the default language is “es”, you need to select “Español” (no region),
and if it’s “fr”, select “Français (France)”.

This way, anything untranslated will appear in the default language;
the idea being that Aragonese speakers will find Spanish preferable
to English, etc.

Code Default Name (English) Name (Native) Version Home Page Translators
ach en Acholi Acholi 1.0.2 Chrome, Firefox David Ojara Prince, Achuma George Patrick, San Emmanuel James
alu en ’Are’are ’Are’are 1.0.0 Not yet released Erik Naitoro
an es Aragonese Aragonés 1.0.3 Chrome, Firefox Juan Pablo Martínez
bal en Balochi Balochi 1.0.0 Not yet released Mostafa Daneshvar
bcj en Bardi Bardi 1.0.0 Not yet released Claire Bowern
br fr Breton Brezhoneg 1.0.2 Chrome, Firefox Fulup Jakez
cak es Cakchiquel Kaqchikel 1.0.0 Not yet released Peter Rohloff, Robert Henderson
ce-x-en en Chechen Нохчийн 1.0.0 Not yet released Bulat Betalgiry, Islam Elsanov, Sarah Slye
ce ru Chechen Нохчийн 1.0.0 Not yet released Bulat Betalgiry, Islam Elsanov, Sarah Slye
ceb en Cebuano Binisaya 1.0.0 Not yet released Joshua Verano
csb en Kashubian Kaszëbsczi 1.0.0 Firefox Mateusz Meyer
dsb de Lower Sorbian Dolnoserbski 1.0.6 Firefox Michał Wjelk
eml it Emiliano-Romagnolo Emiliàn e Rumagnòl 1.0.1 Firefox Federico L. G. Faroldi
ff fr Pulaar-Fulfulde Pulaar-Fulfulde 1.0.1 Not yet released Ibraahiima Saar
fkv-x-oys nb Kven Finnish (öystä) Kvääni/Kainu (öystä) 1.0.2 Chrome, Firefox Mervi Haavisto, Pirjo Paavalniemi, Terje Aronsen
fkv-x-ves nb Kven Finnish (vesta) Kvääni/Kainu (vesta) 1.0.2 Chrome, Firefox Mervi Haavisto, Pirjo Paavalniemi, Terje Aronsen
fr-x-jer en Jèrriais Jèrriais 1.0.1 Firefox Tony Scott Warren, Geraint Jennings
ga en-GB Irish Gaeilge 1.0.0 For testing only Kevin Scannell
gd en Scottish Gaelic Gàidhlig 1.0.6 Chrome, Firefox Michael Bauer
gup en Kunwinjku Kunwinjku 1.0.1 Chrome, Firefox Dean Yibarbuk, Andrew Manakgu
gup-x-gud en Gundjeihmi Gundjeihmi 1.0.1 Chrome, Firefox Violet Lawson
gv en-GB Manx Gaelic Gaelg 1.0.2 Chrome, Firefox Chris Sheard
hil en Hiligaynon Hiligaynon 1.0.5 Firefox Francis Dimzon, Eliodora Dimzon, Edgar Siscar, Ofelia Libo-on-Salaya, Blomar Rain Catipunan, Essan Labos, Emmanuel Lerona, Ruben Magan Gamala
hsb de Upper Sorbian Hornjoserbsce 1.0.6 Firefox Michał Wjelk
ht fr Haitian Creole Kreyòl Ayisyen 1.0.2 Firefox Jean Came Poulard
ht-x-en en Haitian Creole Kreyòl Ayisyen 1.0.2 Firefox Jean Came Poulard
ilo en Ilocano Ilocano 1.0.1 Chrome, Firefox Eugene Carmelo C. Pedro
kw en Cornish Kernewek 1.0.0 Firefox Steve Harris
lag en Rangi Kɨlaangi 1.0.0 Not yet released Oliver Stegen
lij it Ligurian Lìgure 1.0.3 Firefox Alessio Gastaldi
mi en Māori Māori 1.0.4 Chrome, Firefox Karaitiana Taiuru, Teanau Tuiono, Ian Cormack
mlv en Motlav Mwotlap 1.0.0 Not yet released Alex François
mus en Muskogee Mvskoke 1.0.0 Not yet released James Fife
mwl es Mirandese Mirandés 1.0.0 Not yet released José Pedro Ferreira
niu en Niue Niue 1.0.1 Chrome, Firefox Emani Fakaotimanava-Lui
nv en Navajo Diné bizaad 1.0.0 Not yet released @NavajoNow
ny en Chichewa Chicheŵa 1.0.2 Chrome, Firefox Edmond Kachale
pez en Penan Ha’ Penan 1.0.1 Not yet released Community members of Long Lamai, Sarawak
ppl es Nawat Nawat 1.0.1 Firefox Alan King
ppl-x-en en Nawat Nawat 1.0.1 Firefox Alan King
prg pl Old Prussian Prūsiskan 1.5 Firefox Piteris Sasnins
quc es K’iche’ K’iche’ 1.0.3 Chrome, Firefox Diego Alburez, David Elías Ixmatá, Elena Tambriz Tahay, Biviana Tum Macario, Luis Francisco Jamínez, Ricardo Guarchaj, Elizabeth Tambriz, Catarina Cajtunaj
rop en Kriol Kriol 1.0.3 Chrome, Firefox Greg Dickson
sco en Scots 1.0.0 Not yet released Cobradabest
shs en Secwepemctsín Secwepemctsín 1.0.2 Firefox Neskie Manuel, Gabe Archie, Carl Archie
sm en Samoan Gagana Sāmoa 1.0.3 Chrome, Firefox Chris Bickers
sma en South Saami Åarjelsaemien gïele 1.0.0 Not yet released David Jonasson
son en Songhay Soŋay 1.0.1 Not yet released Mohomodou Houssouba, Abdoul Cissé
szl en Silesian Ślůnsko godka 1.0.0 Firefox Grzegorz Kulik
wa fr Walloon Walon 1.0.0 Not yet released Jean Cayron
wrh en Wiradjuri Wiradjuri 1.0.0 Not yet released Geoff Anderson
yi en Yiddish ייִדיש 1.0.0 For testing only Jordan Kutzik

To use these scripts in other browsers, you’ll first need to install
a special addon. Then, you should be able to install by following
the links in the table above. I’ve only tested this with Firefox.

How to Uninstall

If you decide you’d like to uninstall the addon, it’s very easy. In Chrome, you can disable or uninstall from the “Extensions manager” (chrome://extensions), or choose “Extensions” from the Preferences menu. In Firefox, you can manage Greasemonkey scripts by going to Tools → Addons, and clicking “User Scripts” (with the monkey icon) on the right-hand side of the page.