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layout: default
title: ima progrmr
= link_to('about me', '')
%h1 Abadonment Notice Ahead
This blog is not maintained anymore. It will stay up
for your reference; in the meantime, please follow my activities on the other
sites linked from the <a href="">start&nbsp;page</a>.
Also, you might want to know that I write a company newsletter for
the <a href="">Technology Astronauts</a>, to
which you can subscribe by clicking the link on the bottom of that page.
- current_year = nil # ugly, but good enough
- group_posts_by_month_and_day(site.posts) do |year, month, posts|
- if current_year != year
- current_year = year
.year= year.to_s[-2, 2]
- for post in posts
%a{:href => post.url}= post.title