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+title: Tricks and Gotchas to be aware of
+h1. Tricks and Gotchas to be aware of
+When you start using _cod_ for your own projects, I assume you want to cross
+over to the unixy, using-forks-instead-of-threads side of things. This is fine
+with me, and one of the reasons I created cod.
+But all is not butter and honey in the land of forks. As it is the case with
+every style of programming, there are a number of things to be aware of.
+This section of the tutorial strives to give you a heads-up to most of them.
+Please tell me if something is missing.
+h2. Forks flush io streams
+h2. Signal handling might mess up library X
+h2. COW-friendliness of various Rubies
+Enterprise Ruby
+Ruby 2.0

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