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= 0.2.5 / 16Dez2011
! Allows '-' (dash) in commands (removal of OptionParser).
+ A man page (ndo(1)).
= 0.2.4 / 3Oct2011
! fixes bug that would crash bin/ndo when a host returned a non-null error
code. Now just doesn't display hosts with errcode>0 anymore.
= 0.2.3 / 13Sep2011
* Some sort of proper error handling.
+ API change: MultiCommand -> MultiHost
= 0.2.1 / 28Dez2010
* Maintenance; fixes gemspec for Ruby 1.9.2-p136.
= 0.2.0 / 27Dez2010
* Updated dependency to procrastinate (0.3) - now doesn't mess with the
scheduler and will heed the number of cores on the target system.
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