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= 0.10.1 / ???
+ Allow match['a-z'], shortcut for match('[a-z]')
! Fixed output inconsistencies (behaviour in connection to 'maybe')
= 0.10.0 / 22Nov2010
+ Parslet::Transform now takes a block on initialisation, wherein you can
define all the rules directly.
+ Parslet::Transform now only passes a hash to the block during transform
when its arity is 1. Otherwise all hash contents as bound as local
+ Both inline and other documentation have been improved.
+ You can now use 'subtree(:x)' to bind any subtree to x during tree pattern
+ Transform classes can now include rules into class definition. This makes
Parser and Transformer behave the same.
= 0.9.0 / 28Oct2010
* More of everything: Examples, documentation, etc...
* Breaking change: Ruby's binary or ('|') is now used for alternatives,
instead of the division sign ('/') - this reduces the amount of
parenthesis needed for a grammar overall.
* parslet.maybe now yields the result or nil in case of parse failure. This
is probably better than the array it did before; the jury is still out on
* parslet.repeat(min, max) is now valid syntax
= 0.1.0 / not released.
* Initial version. Classes for parsing, matching in the resulting trees
and transforming the trees into something more useful.
* Parses and outputs intermediary trees
* Matching of single elements and sequences
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